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I’m so glad to see the younger generation waking up to this hypocrisy. 

The homeowner at 22 one is killing me.


This meme makes me so angry because it’s so on-target.

I am screaming

Oh hey there every single older relative ever.

A guy I worked with WAS this guy. And his name was actually Steve.

Do not remind me. My rack is still going through counseling from the PTSD caused by his staring. *shudders*


From: Yvonne Tupper
Tan si my brothers & sisters please hear my call:
I am writing tonight to ask for support for our opposition to Site C in BC & days to follow to continue our fight. This needs more attention of opposition than our bands can give. We have…






A convention in Philadelphia this week discussed a plan to allow law enforcement to “keep anything deemed criminal off the Internet.” This includes, among other things, stopping any form of protest deemed “illegal” including the sorts of marches and civil disobedience actions engaged in by the likes of Martin Luther King Jr.

On hand was a Chicago Police Department official who told attendees at this law enforcement conference that his department has been working directly with a “security chief at Facebook” to block certain users from the social networking site if it is determined they have posted what is deemed “criminal content.”

Kenneth Lipp, an independent journalist who attended the lecture, reported from the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference that a the unnamed CPD officer “said specifically that his agency was working with Facebook to block users’ by their individual account, IP address or device, such as a cell phone or computer.”

Lipp noted that law enforcement agencies discussed technologies at “workshops held by and for top police executives from throughout the world (mostly US, Canada and the United Kingdom, with others like Nigeria among a total of 13,000 representatives of the law enforcement community in town for the event), and widely available from vendors,” that would “allow agencies to block content, users and even devices – for example, ‘Geofencing’ software that allows departments to block service to a specified device when the device leaves an established virtual geographic perimeter.”

“The capability,” Lipp explained, “is a basic function of advanced mobile technologies like smartphones, ‘OnStar’ type features that link drivers through GIS to central assistance centers, and automated infrastructure and other hardware including unmanned aerial systems that must ‘sense and respond.’”

A recent article in Governing magazine in which it was reported that the Chicago Police Department is using “network analysis” tools to identify persons of interest on social media, citing the frightening statistic that “95.9 percent of law enforcement agencies use social media, 86.1 percent for investigative purposes,” a statistic quoted from the head of the “social media group for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.”

Smh they really tryna keep us controlled

Shit is ridiculous

One step closer to those police states out of dystopian scifi.

I just want to point out that there has never been a time when Black people weren’t living in a police state. This, as well as that law that says people in certain states can have their internet activity legally monitored is only a change in the lives of white people. Everyone else, but especially Black people were already being monitored, already being pre-emptivly attacked.

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The Apache Violin maker: Anthony Belvado in San Carlos AZ










Licia Ronzulli, member of the European Parliament, has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament sessions for two years now.


I’m sorry but women get shit done. In fact, not sorry. 

One day that little girl will either kill us or rule us.

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The first time I saw this a while back, I just thought “huh, cool.” But it really just hit me what immersion like this can really do during those developmental years. This little girl will have Parliamentary procedure in her bones. That’s crazy. And still very cool.

Hey, look what happens when people don’t make a big deal out if stuff like this. Guess what? A big deal does not get made. There would be a shitstorm if someone tried to do this in America. The mother in question would also be expected to either quit her job or find daycare.

One of my best friends took the time to warn her employer that she was pregnant and get them to agree to a set up that would be beneficial to both her and the company. After the baby came and it came time to make good, the company pulled out and said it was because it wasn’t fair to other people. She was gradually forced out of her job and my friend went from managing a successful store to having to endure a debate over whether they were going to pay her the top wage for a cashier.

I say this from experience and I have way more instances to back this up: The grocery store that rhymes with Raider Moe’s is a misogynist boys’ club that literally hates women.


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My all-time favorite VU album. Released just 5 days after my entry into this world.

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Boycott Black Friday in the Name of Indigenous Pride, By renee holt

I’m thinking about how #BlackFriday has poisoned our reservations communities and when I see a TV commercial advertising the many sales, I think of my extended family who sew, bead, can salmon, weave, and sell baked foods to make ends meet. What we, here in #Nimiipuu country call “soyapo” or non-Indian culture, has consumed the true meaning behind what the holidays are and in my opinion #BlackFriday overshadows the local Indigenous economy.

Today, I’m aware. I realize the holidays can be difficult for some families on the Rez. In an ideal Rez community, instead of going for broke buying the latest N7’s, I’d love to see all our communities gift/receive moccasins in preparation for #RocYourMoc’s 2014. N7’s cost just as much, if not more, and ideally, whether in ceremony or at pow wow’s (if your culture participates), we’d all be ready for 2014 and display our cultural pride. Perfect, right? However, that is an ideal imagined Rez community and I’m aware not every family can afford moccasins or cultural items, let alone pay bills, feed the family, and find enough money to purchase gifts, and most definitely N7’s.

As I shared earlier, I am one of 8 children, and my dad is one of 9. I come from one of the largest extended families on my Rez and we never get to spend holidays the way we’d like by spending money on every relative. Instead, we spend time together and do what we can with what we have.

As our Native youth see a material culture become more pronounced from mainstream media advertising, I don’t believe our youth accept the financial struggle as theirs until the holidays. All the advertising hype on TV is a reminder when they see a multitude of commercials with toys and all the goodies they can have IF only their family has the money to buy it. It saddens me at times to think our country is wrought with consumerism. Unemployment is highest on the Rez.